Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory

Infrared Astronomy Group



An Infrared Instrumental Group is active at Arcetri Observatory. Activities include the development and construction of infrared instrumentation, the scientific characterization of new instrumentation, and the developing of related software.


The activities of the group started at the end of 70's with the building of the photometer of the National Infrared Telescope (). The group has also developed a large amount of and procedures in order to define all the relevant parameters of the systems.
The list of the instruments and software partially or totally developed by our group includes:
  • the photometer of the National Infrared Telescope ().
  • ArNICa the infrared camera for TIRGO.
  • Irlab and Tirgo Data Archive.
  • , the NIR camera/spectrometer for the Telescopio Nazionale .
  • Amber-SPG, the beam combining spectrometer part for Amber, the VLTI focal-plane imaging/spectrometer.
  • Giano, the high/low resolution infrared spectrometer proposed for the TNG. See also the local Labir4Giano pages.
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In addition to the development of the above instruments, we also carried some observations in collaboration with the science groups of Arcetry Observatory. In this context, we modified ARNICA in order to mount it on several telescopes, including the William Herschel Telescope, the , the Mount Graham International Observatory, the VLTI, and the .


Present day components of Infrared Group are (in alphabetical order):